Food and Nutrition

Here are our food menus for each setting. It is important that children eat a balanced diet, so we offer a range of healthy snacks throughout the day, alongside a variety of tasty seasonal meals, to ensure your child is well fed during their time with us.

Please let us know if your child has any specific dietary requirements so we can cater for them accordingly.

Drax Menus

The food menu at our Drax setting change on a weekly basis to offer a superb variety of different meals. Please see the examples below or contact us for more information on future menus.

Pre School Menus

Here are our food menus for Pre School setting in Barlow.


At our seaside nursery, healthy pack up meals should be provided by parents.

We provide snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Before and After School


• A Variety of Cereals (Gluten)
• Toast (Gluten)
• Fruit

After School Snacks

• Light tea and snacks


• Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Strawberries, Grapes, Raisins (Sulphites), Carrot & Cucumber Sticks, Bread Sticks (Gluten, Sesame), Crisps (Dairy).


• Water and Milk (Dairy)

What is the Healthy Start Scheme?

The Healthy Start Scheme is a government funded, means tested scheme that aims to improve diets and provide a nutritional safety net for low-income families in the UK.

The Scheme is available to pregnant women, who are more than 10 weeks pregnant or parent/carers who have a child under the age of 4 who receive state benefits

Why should I promote the Healthy Start Scheme?

If you work with families, particularly those with a low-income, you play a key role in signposting to the Healthy Start scheme online application and promoting the free Healthy Start vitamins.

Research shows that women who are introduced to the scheme by a professional, who takes the time to explain its public health context and health benefits, are more likely to understand the benefits and make better use of the scheme.

What do families on the Healthy Start Scheme get?

  • Healthy Start card with money on it to purchase healthy food and milk (fruit and vegetables, pulses, cow’s milk, infant formula) in Retailers that accept MasterCard.

Every 4 weeks money will be added to the card
From 10 weeks pregnant each week will get £4.25
Birth – 1 year old each week will get £8.50
From 1 – 4 years old each week will get £4.25

  • Free Healthy Start vitamins during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Free Vitamin drops for babies and children up to the age of 4.


Who is eligible for the Healthy Start Scheme?

All women under the age of 18 regardless of income

Women over the age of 18 qualify for the scheme if:

  • In receipt of income support, Income based job seekers allowance, Income related employment and support allowance.
  • Child Tax credit with a family income of or less than £ 16,190
  • Working Tax Credit run on (paid for 4 weeks if you or your partners or carers go to less than 16hrs per week.
  • Pension Credit ( must include child addition)
  • Universal credit, total family take home pay no more than £408 a month after tax

Non-British Citizens who have a British Citizen child may get Healthy Start if all the following apply:

  • They have at least 1 British Child under 4 years old
  • The family earns £408 or less a month after tax
  • They cannot claim public funds either because of their immigration status or they do not have an immigration status


How can families access the Scheme?

  • Phone (0300 330 7010) or email ([email protected]) to request an application if in receipt of Job seekers Allowance, Income Support
  • If you are not a British citizen but your child is. To apply for Healthy Start, ask for an application form via email [email protected] . Only use this email

address if you think you cannot claim public funds because of your immigration status

  • If an interpreter is required, call Healthy Start helpline 0300 330 7010 (select option 3)

Further details of the scheme can be found on:

Kids' Corner Nursery 
Castle Hill Lane

Tel: 07542 681373
Email: [email protected]

Kids' Corner Nursery Bridlington
34-35 Queen Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO15 2SP

Tel: 07395 325940
Email: [email protected]


Kids Corner Pre School
The Read School

Tel: 07522 987876
Email: [email protected]

Whitley Before & After School
Whitley & Eggbrough Community Primary
DN14 0WE

Tel: 07746 250637
Email: [email protected]